Keys to Business Growth: Traditional Media (Part 1) 

All marketing professionals understand the importance of a marketing plan that utilizes multiple channels for communicating a message that persuades their target market that their brand, products, and serve will best serve their customers current and future needs. Sometimes small business owners may not understand what those tactics are and how a strategic marketing plan comes in to play. That’s OK, since you know your business you know exactly who your customers are, what it is they like about your product or service, and what things have worked to bring you the most profits. When you apply that knowledge to some general marketing techniques on consistent basis (we’re talking a long term committed relationship, no one-flings) you’ll begin to see measurable increases in your brand awareness, sales, and long term customer retention which all translates into money in your pocket.

Let’s look at a few basic marketing channels to include in the plan that will drive your entire marketing budget and execution: Radio, Print News, & Television.

Radio, newspapers, and television have had the major foothold on marketers advertising dollars for most of the last five decades. However, the arise of the internet has created a major shift in the market. Traditional media is very costly and has hindered most small businesses from being able to see a high enough ROI in a fast enough time to recoup the cost of the price tag.

If you can come up with very innovative ways and a specific call to action that will generate a ton of sales that justify the means of radio, print, and tv such as big grand opening event, or inventory liquidation sale, then by all means go for it. There is the potential to reach thousands of future customers in the demographic and location you are promoting the business. Small local newspapers are especially affordable and can be of benefit when promoting a local event or major discounts you want to offer.

All of the traditional media channels have also been making a splash in digital media marketing which we’ll explain in the next segment Keys to Your Business Growth Part 2: Digital Media.

Published On: February 20th, 2014 / Categories: Great Marketing Knowledge /

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